dikutip dari website University of Salford, UK:

Have you considered how central sound is to human existence? From the alarm clock waking us up in the morning, to the last ‘goodnight’ at the end of the day, sound punctuates and shapes our lives. Because sound is so important to us, it is vital that we, as acoustic academics discuss what we do with non-experts. We might be trying to enthuse and inspire the next generation of acoustic engineers, or simply explaining to people how they can make their World sound better on the radio

Mudah-mudahan diberikan kesempatan melakukannya (memasyarakatkan akustik) di Indonesia……

One thought on “Sound

  1. Satrio Wibowo

    Salam kenal mas Joko, saya mau bikin studio siaran radio.Ruangan yg ada ukuran 4×3, setengah dindingnya memakai kaca tebal 6 mm. Bagaimana membuat peredam yang paling minimalis dlm anggaran & pembuatannya. terimakasih.


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